New Year – New You?

Aesthetic Treatments To Make You Look & Feel Great at Azra Aesthetics Clinics, Southampton & Harley Street in London

While beauty comes from within, we can all do with a little extra care and attention every now and then! If you are looking to make some New Year resolutions that will benefit how you feel long term then read on…

Azra Aesthetics Clinics in Southampton & Harley Street, London offers a superb range of treatments to help you take some positive steps to look and feel great. Our most popular treatments include fat dissolving injections, PRP for facial glow and hair loss and anti-wrinkle injections.

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Aqualyx – Fat Dissolving Injections at Azra Aesthetics in Harley Street London and Southampton

Fat Dissolving Injections

Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you long to reduce the size of specific areas of your body? Aqualyx (aka Fat Dissolving Injections or Fat Melting Injections) are non invasive and can target bingo wings, man boobs, inner and outer thighs 

Boost your confidence with a body contouring treatment at our top London & Southampton Aesthetic clinics.

Achieve Glowing Skin With PRP

Fresh, youthful, glowing skin can now be yours! Rejuvenate your skin & restore that youthful, bright glow with a Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment at Azra Aesthetic Clinics.

The cold winter months can take their toll on your skin, not to mention dehydration caused by central heating and late nights over the Christmas holidays! The platelets contain high levels of growth factors which accelerate the body’s ability to heal & repair. This increases collagen and elastin which improves the appearance of fine wrinkles to give you tighter, smoother skin. PRP can also help with various skin conditions including acne, rosacea and scarring. Make a resolution to yourself to book in for a PRP today! 

PRP Treatments For Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) comes from your own blood and contains high concentrations of platelets and growth factors that help your tissue to heal and grow new cells. Our skilled aesthetics nurse will take a blood sample from you and place it into a centrifuge where it is spun to separate the blood into distinct ‘layers’. The concentrated platelets, plasma and growth factors are the layers that we use.  When injected into the hair follicle, it increases blood supply, encouraging healthy cell production and triggering hair growth.

Book Your New Year’s Appointment at Azra Aesthetics Clinics, Harley Street & Southampton

Reveal a more confident, beautiful you in 2023. Visit the experts at Azra Aesthetics Clinics, Harley Street & Southampton. To book your appointment simply call us on 07412 619823.

Dr Asalet Yener is a qualified hospital doctor who is training to become a consultant surgeon.  She is registered with both the General Medical Council and ACE – the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group. So, rest assured you’re in safe hands at our Hampshire & London Harley Street aesthetic clinics.